Rabbits are a truly multi-purpose species. You'll find the dwarf breeds in pet stores, the angora breeds are raised for wool, rabbit fur and hides have many uses and grocery stores offer the meat in the butcher section.

Visit the following websites for more information on rabbits:

  Meatrabbits Yahoo Group - A very informative and friendly group with a lot of rabbit raising experience.
  Rabbit Talk - A very easy going forum for all types of rabbit related stuff.
  Homesteading Today - A smaller group but with some good knowledge to share.
  Backyard Rabbits in Texas - A very informative article on small scale rabbit raising.
  Ontario Rabbit Education Organization  - Some helpful ideas for pet and house rabbits
  Rudolph's Rabbit Ranch - A little hard to read, but many excellent articles
  ARBA - American Rabbit Breeder's Association
  OPNZRBA - Ontario Provincial New Zealand Rabbit Breeder's Association
  Rabbit References - A LARGE list of medical links related to rabbits.
  Grandview Commercial Rabbitry  - A great place to get affordable quality cages.
  Bunnyview  - Offering a good quality HIGH FIBRE rabbit feed.
  Klubertanz - Everything for the commercial meat rabbitry at very reasonable prices.
  BASS Equipment - Higher end equipment, but some unique products.
  Tursaco   - Show quality New Zealand Whites, Satins and English Spot.
  Stephen Smith   - Commerical meat rabbit producer.
  Farfelu Rabbitry   - Hobby rabbitry specializing in Harlequins and French Angoras.
  Smokey Hollow Rabbitry   - Quality English Angoras.
  Petit Lapin Rabbitry   - Breeding French Lops in Manitoba.
  AT Home Pets   - Rabbits, mice and guinea pigs.
  Silver Star Rabbitry   - Raising and Showing Quality Silver Marten Rabbits in North Louisiana.




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